Your Airbnb property listing can make or break the performance of your investment. Here are our top tips to make sure your property stands out from the crowd.


1.    Invest in professional photography


When looking for a suitable Airbnb property, photographs are the first thing people look at.  According to Airbnb, hosts with professional photos tend to earn more than other hosts I their area, with a 40% increase in earnings. Airbnb reports 24% more bookings and a 26% higher nightly price for hosts whose listings boast professional photographs.


2.    Ensure your pricing is competitive


It is completely up to you how to price your Airbnb property, however it’s crucial to make sure your price point is realistic. If you go too low you run the risk of not making a return on your investment, and a too high price point will result in fewer bookings. So how do you find that sweet spot? Your starting point should be researching other comparable listings in your location to get an idea of market prices. You will be able to position yourself based on how you compare on location, size, and amenities.


3.    Be descriptive


Once potential guests have scrolled through your photographs, they’ll look to your description to fill in the gaps. It is really important that your listing accurately matches your offering. As tempting as it can be to over sell your property, dishonest listings will lead to underwhelmed guests and bad reviews. Your description should include an overview of the space and location, how the guest will access the property and how they can contact you should they run into any issues. Finally, let your guests know of any little quirks that make your property stand out, for example if you have pets, or particular house rules.


4.    Make it easy for guests to book


Turning on Instant Book enables guests to automatically book into your property without you approving. The main host benefits include:


·      Saving you admin - you won’t need to manually log in and approve each booking request.

·      More bookings – listings with Instant Book enabled generate more interest than those without.

·      Search benefits – Instant Book improves your response rate for your listing, which can in turn boost your search visibility.

·      Superhost status - Maintaining a 90% response rate is a requirement for achieving Superhost status.



5.    Go the extra mile for reviews


Reviews will make or break your listing, so ensure you’re offering a 5 star experience for every guest who stays in your space. Keep an eye on any negative reviews, and implement changed according to the feedback. Be honest and accurate in your photographs and descriptions to manage expectations from the off – no-one wants to stay in a property that over promises and under delivers.


Managing an Airbnb property to a high standard is a huge time commitment, but there are services available to make short letting your property stress free. At The Urban Butler we pride ourselves on listing our managed properties to the highest standard. Our hosts enjoy higher nightly rates, more bookings and happier guests, so reach out to our team today to chat about how we can elevate your property.