Exciting news — we have been acquired by Urban Rest!

Local wisdom from a

global perspective

At The Urban Butler, we understand that the best travel memories often come from equal parts happenstance and planning and that the connecting thread between the two is local wisdom. We draw upon a wealth of global travel experience and native knowledge of Auckland’s urban milieu to provide an impeccable choice of high-quality short, mid and long-term accommodation so that you can dive into the intrepid, the clandestine and everything in between.

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Silver Qualmark Award

We are incredibly proud to share that we have received the Silver Qualmark award under the Sustainable Tourism Business criteria!

The Qualmark award helps to recognise tourism businesses that are focused on protecting what makes New Zealand special. The award proudly shows our commitment to protecting our natural environment, enhancing connections with our local communities, whilst also delivering a quality, safe experience for all visitors.

Become A Host

Staying in a home-away-from-home is an enriching experience which is proving increasingly popular with travellers, but not every property owner is geared to (or has time for) hosting. We draw heavily on the Butler analogy when partnering with owners, ensuring that guests’ first and last impressions are impeccable and that the guest experience is front and centre, setting the benchmark for technological and innovative excellence. We are guided by discretion, client support and approachability lead to inform seamless property management services and outstanding guest experiences on repeat.

Know How

The Urban Butler is informed by the spirit and diversity of Auckland. Our ability to create the best possible travel experience for guests comes down to the relationships we nurture and the knowledge we garner from the local community, and collaborations with leading technological and service based enterprises.