Airbnb property management is all about making your property investment journey hassle free. If you work full time, your property is in a different city, or you simply don’t have the resources to manage the day to day admin, an Airbnb property manager could be the solution for you.

What do Airbnb property managers do?

There are lots of different options available when it comes to external management of Airbnb properties. You can team together with family members to co-host your AIrbnb property or hire a professional service to manage your property for you. Airbnb property managers can organise bookings, communicate with guests and make sure the transaction is smooth and stress-free. You can even find full service managers like The Urban Butler, who offer an end to end service. This includes everything from taking photographs of your property, writing an incising listing through to organising cleaners and concierge services for the guests.

What are the benefits of hiring an Airbnb property manager?

Okay, so now you know what Airbnb property management consists of, but what are the benefits of enlisting this kind of service?

  • Professional listings: With more and more properties appearing on Airbnb each day, a persuasive listing is crucial. Airbnb property managers can provide copywriting, photography and interior styling tips to help your property sing and increase bookings. A professional listing increases the performance of your property and keeps occupancy high.
  • Monitoring and support: Guest screening, bookings management, price monitoring and minor repairs and maintenance are some of the many things Airbnb property managers can help with.
  • Housekeeping: Cleaning between guests is one of the most time-consuming tasks an Airbnb host must complete. Having an Airbnb property manager who can oversee laundry and linen, restocking of supplies and reliable cleaners makes hosting stress-free.
  • Time management: For those of you with more than one Airbnb property, the admin and maintenance tasks for each property starts to add up. Hiring a professional to manage your investments gives you the reassurance that your property will always be guest ready and open for bookings even when you’re not available to organise it.

At The Urban Butler, we take care of everything! We pride ourselves on delivering distinguished Airbnb property management in Auckland City. By delivering a better experience for Airbnb guests, we ensure our clients’ properties truly stand apart. Reach out to us today for more bookings, higher nightly rates and happier guests.

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