Class-leading short term property management.

No fees so you can start earning income from your first booking? Certainly, sir.

The Urban Butler provides best-in-class short term property management for Auckland properties. High occupancy, process driven curation. If you want seamless, professional assistance, look no further.

*onboarding includes; set-up, photography, floor plans, consumables

Airbnb Management

From The Ground Up

Our comprehensive, end-to-end service offering means we can build your investment experience from the ground up. Beginning with pre-purchase, the Urban Butler team can provide location and property advice to support due diligence and inform your purchasing criteria aligned to the short-term rental market.

Our services include location and building recommendations and short term rental analysis showing yield and estimated returns.

Post Purchase

There is an art to styling short-term rentals. A mediation between essential items which are elevated yet resilient, appliances and amenity that are state-of-the-art yet user friendly, and styling pieces which appeal to a large demographic while feeling unique to the home and local area.

We support our partners post-purchase by compiling interior design and furniture packages, consulting on styling and providing professional photography and videography.

Airbnb management
Airbnb management

Listing Your Property

Our innovative short-term property management software allows us to list your property on all major and many boutique booking platforms leading to competitively high occupancy rates. We are continuously optimising and updating the listing to ensure it remains relevant, visible and repeatedly booked.

Working closely with you, we set goal oriented pricing mechanisms to ensure no surprises on your monthly return.

Ongoing Management

Our Butler approach comes into its own with our engaged and comprehensive approach to the ongoing management of your property. Balancing technological automation for security and comfort with highly responsive communication with our team 24/7, we create superior experiences where guests feel seamlessly supported without compromising privacy.

From restaurant recommendations to the replacement of a light bulb, we iron out the creases to ensure the overarching experience is as seamless as possible.

Airbnb management
Airbnb management

A Tailored Approach

The Urban Butler is guided by the philosophy that exceptional guest experiences are often the result of feeling, for a fleeting moment, like an honorary local.

We work to cultivate accommodation that feels like a home-away-from-home and support this with a highly engaged sense for tailoring advice and tips in a way that meets and exceeds individual expectations. We nurture the win-win when guests and locals come together to create life long travel memories.

Safety & Security

We take the safety and security of your property, and the communities we operate in seriously. We use cutting-edge technology and processes informed by both data and intuition to give us confidence that guests will respect your property and their surrounding environment.

From noise monitors to landlord insurance we minimise the risks, to ensure we can all sleep well at night.

Airbnb management
Airbnb management

Keeping House

From overall appearance to fundamental hygiene standards, we prioritise the exceptional cleanliness and integrity of your property to ensure it presents in the best possible way and is protected against the unexpected.

Our housekeeping and maintenance teams work hard to keep properties above and beyond Covid-19 regulations and all amenities, furniture, appliance and styling pieces kept in top condition.

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Know How

The Urban Butler is informed by the spirit and diversity of Auckland. Our ability to create the best possible travel experience for guests comes down to the relationships we nurture and the knowledge we garner from the local community, and collaborations with leading technological and service based enterprises.