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The Triplets of Belleville Ciné-Concert

Benoît Charest and his Terrible Orchestre de Belleville

Auckland Arts Festival

“Extraordinary... A bracing blend of silliness and sophistication. It’s comic, touching and a visual knockout” — Rolling Stone

Sylvain Chomet’s beloved 2003 animation returns to the big screen with a live jazz score performed by the film’s Academy Award-nominated composer, Benoît Chares, and his Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville.

In 2003, this imaginative French feature swept the globe, raking up dozens of awards and nominations – not to mention the hearts of countless admirers – along the way. As there is no dialogue other than some pretty jazzy singing, a huge part of this film’s success lies in Benoît Charest's score, which grabbed audiences by the ears and dragged them into the streets of 1920s Paris and New York.